Price of IELTS Tests and Review in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the countries in Asia that is known to be good at using the English language. This knowledge in speaking and understanding the English language has been very beneficial as most Filipinos are accepted in companies where English is needed as a primary language for communication. However, since other countries have also started learning the language, the competition for job and the selection of students in schools overseas have been tight and strict. Hence, this is the very reason why these institutions have required an English proficiency examination to their applicants. For this reason, Filipinos also prepare in taking an English proficiency examination that is usually required – the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination.

The popularity of the IELTS test has increased over time as thousands of Filipinos are scheduled for the examination. This examination is a paper-based English fluency examination that will evaluate one’s skill in using the English language in a social context in its four core skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. Like what is mentioned earlier, it is a requirement to different institutions overseas. Hence, standard scores are set. Applicants have to at least get the target score or even do better for them to continue their application. Otherwise, they have to retake the exam.

Since getting the target score poses a huge importance, applicants for the IELTS exam get ready by taking review lessons. In the Philippines, hundreds of IELTS review centers offer different programs that aim to develop and strengthen the English skills of their students. Course programs usually covers reading development, listening enhancement, mock interviews, and essay writings. Additionally, some IELTS review centers offer mock exams to their students as well. Classroom lectures and one-on-one training are part of the services they offer to candidates.

Registering for the examination is easy. First and foremost, one should be able to determine whether they are registering in IDP or British Council – two authorized agencies that deliver the IELTS. The IELTS test in these agencies is the same so candidates need not worry. Registering for the IDP costs PhP 8900 while in the British Council costs PhP 8986.

Though reviewing for IELTS review centers seems to be another expense, investing in such is a huge advantage compared with studying alone. Techniques are taught by coaches of which one cannot acquire in reading books. The importance of reviewing for the IELTS is so heavy that one should make a right decision in joining an IELTS review class.


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