The Benefits of Reading to Improve English Proficiency

Do you enjoy reading? Do you find boring or entertaining? Is reading really necessary to improve one’s English skills?

Reading is not an activity any person can find pleasure with. Some say it is an acquired hobby whilst some think that if you expose yourself to the activity, you will eventually fall in love with it. Though these might be true, reading is one thing humans need to do. Every day, though we are unconscious of it, we do simple reading. For example, we read when we need to check the things we bought on a receipt. We read when we follow instructions on a test. Simply, our daily activities involve reading.

In school, children are taught how to read by starting with the basics – learning the alphabet. Then, teachers introduce simple words, simple sentences until we reach the point that we can read a short story. Reading is indeed a process. The question is: what does one get from reading to increase his proficiency? Does reading affect one’s English skills?

Reading is one activity that one can engage in that will definitely improve one’s English skills. For starters, though reading, we learn vocabulary. Vocabulary is one important element in our communication – written or spoken. If we know different vocabulary, it will not be difficult for a person to understand what a sentence means or even what a whole paragraph wants to emphasize. Moreover, through the use of vocabulary, we are able to express what we have in our mind both written and verbal communication. With a wide range of vocabulary, we can write stories and essays that will show our feelings or emotions. We can make strong comments and give our points of views. Speaking with the right vocabulary makes you a good English speaker. Being able to pick the right words to express your opinions makes you smart and spontaneous.

In reading, we learn how we can effectively construct sentences to clearly deliver a message. It will not be difficult for someone to understand a complex sentence if he or she knows how to read it well. Sentence construction and grammar are also important to be fluent in the English language. These two, paired with the knowledge of vocabulary, are essential in making good and effective sentences both for speaking and writing.

To improve one’s English proficiency, acquiring the love for reading is necessary. Learning vocabulary, grammar, and sentence construction are just a few things one can benefit from reading. If you are good at these, then you will not have a problem when given an English test to evaluate your skill. Begin your day reading a newspaper and end your night reading some blogs online. These are simple things to do, but the best things to learn and improve your English skills. 

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