Will My Visa be Revoked if I Won’t Get My Target IELTS Score

Ever wondered why your visa got revoked? Are you clueless on what could be the possible reasons?

Filipinos are very eager to apply for a visa overseas. Mostly, working or studying overseas gives them the opportunity not only to earn or learn respectively but also experience culture overseas. Despite the fact that applying for certain visas can take a lot of time and quite a huge amount of money, Filipinos are still driven to file and take their opportunity for a brighter future overseas.

There are actually a lot of requirements needed for visa application. Some of these requirements are the following: a valid passport, proof of financial documents to prove that the individual can survive in the demanding environment overseas financially, job offers, health certificates and even English proficiency examination score – the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination.

In connection with this, some Filipinos are wondering whether their visas will be revoked once they fail to get the target scores asked by these companies and institutions. Actually, it all depends on the situation. There are times that an IELTS score is needed before lodging the application. Hence, once you fail the exam, it means that you have to retake it to be able to get the target score. Meaning to say, you cannot lodge your visa application unless you reach the required score in the IELTS. However, some applications need to be lodged before taking the IELTS. Hence, even if you are granted with a visa, once you take the IELTS and fail, there is a possibility of having your visa revoked. The best thing to do here is to ask an immigration officer and have your qualifications assessed before completing the requirements for the said visa. This will help you save time, money and your effort as well.

Additionally, failing to score well in the IELTS is not the only reason why a visa can be revoked. Here are other reasons why:

• The visa holder has committed an offense – it could be security, criminal or financial.
• The visa holder does not have the right qualifications for a particular visa type.
• The requirements are missing and questionable.
• Medical problems

To avoid such problems, it is best to consult an immigration officer to guide you with the processing or visa renewal. Applying for visa can really take much money and time; hence, you need to be certain on the things that you will be lodging in the application. Also, once granted with a visa, always follow the provisions in your visa, so you will not be facing any problems with it.

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