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Top Ten Tips on How to Improve Your English Writing Skills

Isn’t it amazing how famous writers like Ernest Hemingway, Paulo Coelho, and even William Shakespeare came up with such great novels? Sometimes, we can ask ourselves how they acquired such talent and how they were able to improve it.

Writing is not an ability that everyone is gifted with. It takes practice and huge amount of knowledge in vocabulary, grammar and sentence construction. In high school, we have writing classes where we had to write an essay on given topics. As we get older, some of us need to take writing exams for a job or even take English proficiency examinations which writing essays are usually a part of it. Hence, it is safe to say that writing is an ability that we should improve and work on. Now, here are ten good and useful tips on how you can improve your English writing skills.

1. Start keeping a journal.
A journal is like a diary wherein you can write anything that happened to you in a day. It may sound so girly and childish, but a lot of ESL (English as Second Language) learners have improved their writing skills through a day-to-day record of their activities. You could also pick a topic that you could write on.

2. Read blogs online.
Reading blogs online will help you learn how to do creative writing. Start learning creative writing. Blogs online are very varied from health to travel. Pick one that interests you and try to write something about your own interests.

3. Read a variety of reading materials.
Vocabulary is very essential in writing. It helps the writer express his or her idea better in words. Choosing the right kind of words in your essay makes it effective and interesting.

4. Listen or watch English movies.
Take note of some words that are used in the movies or drama series for vocabulary building. Moreover, you could write a review or a reaction paper based on what you have seen to practice your writing skills.

5. Study grammar.
A good essay has perfect grammar. Grammar is a tricky subject to study; hence, one must do a lot of exercises. Focus on verb tenses, conjunctions and prepositions that usually brings confusion to any learner.

6. Know the five basic sentence patterns.
Good writers play with their sentence constructions. Do not always use the same patterns in your writing. Play with words and phrases to put color into your writing. This will make it more interesting.

7. Have someone read your writings.
Always remember to have somebody check or edit your writing. Make sure that this person is someone good at the English.

8. Have your ideas in English.
Most students have a hard time dealing with writing an essay because they think in their own language. When writing English essays, think in English as well. There are some words or phrases that cannot be translated in English; hence, start thinking in English.

9. Spelling matters!
Having good vocabulary is a strength but you will be defeating the purpose of having good vocabulary if you do not know how to spell the words right. Double check your spelling. If you are unsure, think of another word or phrase that will best substitute the word you have in your mind.

10. Put your punctuations appropriately.
Commas, periods, colons and etc. are in the sentence for a specific purpose. Writers should be careful in using these as one mistake can totally alter the meaning of a sentence and the essay as a whole as well.

Nobody said writing is easy; however, nobody said that it cannot be learned. It is a process so as early as today, take your pen and paper ready and start practicing writing your simple essays.

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