Procedure in Rechecking Your IELTS Test Results

As what is always mentioned, people taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination has set scores that they need to hit. With this pressure, IELTS test candidates opt to study in an IELTS review center to be trained and taught techniques that are useful in getting that score for the IELTS. However, some fail to do this and decided to retake the examination. Whilst some choose to have their IELTS test results rechecked. How is this possible?

Within six weeks after your IELTS examination, a candidate has the option to have his or her score rechecked. This happens when a candidate feels that his or her responses could have gotten a better score. The review of results is what they call an Enquiry on Results (EOR). Here’s what the candidate should do.

First, the candidate should consult with his or her test center about the EOR form. These forms may be quite different from the other test centers and even test centers overseas. On the form, candidates are asked to fill their name, address, and the sections of the test that they want to be rechecked, place their signature and pay for the fee.

The test paper or recording will then be brought to IDP or British Council head offices. It will be rechecked by a different rater – someone who is trained to be a senior marker. Your test center then will be notified and if a new score is given, they will be giving a new Test Report Form (TRF). If the band score is really changed, your fee will be refunded.

However, candidates are made aware that speaking and writing sections are commonly rechecked. These are both subjective and having them rechecked can either get your score higher or lower. The reading and the listening are not commonly rechecked since their answers are fixed and most of the time indubitable.

Because getting a really good score in the IELTS poses a huge importance, candidates spend money and time joining in review classes for the IELTS test. Though this may be an added expenditure, it is an investment for them. Through these classes, candidates’ skills are built and improved for the examination. Moreover, they are given exercises that will enhance their understanding on the different tasks in the IELTS examination. Additionally, not only their knowledge increases, but also their confidence in using the English language. Indeed, being with an IELTS review centers is the best choice a candidate can do as preparation for the examination.


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