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Points System for Canada Immigration Applications

Applying for a visa in a country like Australia needs a lot of requirements to be presented. It is for this reason that most Filipinos process their applications as early as possible to be able to get the approval of their visas before they leave the country. In addition, Australia is also known for its point system for visa applications. Not only Australia uses this system, but also Canada.

Canada uses the point system to screen their visa applicants. It is a good advantage so as applicants are those who are qualified and only eligible can be granted certain visas. Here is what you should know about Canada’s Point System on Immigration Applications.

• A maximum of 25 points is given on education. Applicants will be asked to check the highest level of education they have attained. 25 points is given to those who have earned a PhD, Master’s or and at least 17 years of full-time study. Completion of Secondary School or High school gets a score of 5.
• A maximum of 24 points is given to those who are very fluent in both English and French – as these two languages are commonly spoken in Canada. The points given will be determined based on your fluency in reading, listening, writing and speaking of the mentioned languages.
• Work experience is also included. A maximum of 21 points is given to those who have more than four years work experience.
• Age matters. 10 points is awarded to those who are between 21 to 49. Ages below 16 and above 54 gets 0.
• Arranged employment is when you are offered a job by Human Resources Development Canada. These kinds of job are occupations that are really hard to find in the market. Gaining 10 points is easy on this.
• A maximum score of 10 is awarded on various combinations under adaptability.
Screening applicants through the point system is accurate and at the same time fair to all applicants. Moreover, it is obvious that one must be very qualified and can somehow contribute to the growth of the economy once applying for a visa.

If you look at it, anyone can apply for a visa as long as this individual can meet all the requirements and can get the score required for the visa. Hence, it is safe to say that people who have finished a bachelor’s degree and have been working for more than four years here in the Philippines are eligible in applying plus proof of financial evidence.

For more information on this point system or if you want to check if you are already eligible for a visa, visit


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