How to Improve Your IELTS Score in Five Ways

“I have taken the IELTS twice and I still cannot get my target score, what should I do?”

It is a dilemma to some people to hit their target scores in the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System. This examination poses a great importance as it is a requirement to most companies and academic institutions overseas. As Filipinos, this exam should be a little bit easier. However, there are some skills and techniques one must further improve to reach their target scores. Failing to get the target scores means the candidate has to retake the examination, pay the necessary fees again, and undergo strenuous reviews.

If you are a candidate for the IELTS exam, here are a few tips on how you can improve your scores to successfully hit your target.

1. Improve your vocabulary.
The vocabulary use in the exam is not only limited in the reading section. A good foundation with words is essential for the exam. In the speaking part, you will be able to express yourself better with the use of right words and appropriate idiomatic expressions. In addition, in writing, you can play with words to better describe your ideas. Vocabulary can be improved through reading different reading materials.
2. Watch English movies and drama series.
Learning should be fun and entertaining as well. Through movies, you will be able to learn how to use words in conversations correctly. Some words are appropriate in an informal conversation whilst some are not used in formal dialogues. Further, learners will be able to observe how people handle conversations.
3. Listen to different English accents
The IELTS test has different accents used such as American English, British English and Australian English accents. Listening to samples of these accents help the candidate to be familiar with how certain words are pronounced and given emphasis on sentences. Further, knowledge in such accents will make it easier for the candidate to understand conversations in the listening part of the exam.
4. Use English as often as possible.
When there is an opportunity to use the language, use it. Do not hesitate. Take advantage of situations wherein you can use English like ordering in a restaurant or talking with friends. This is a good avenue to build your confidence in using English in your day-to-day activities.
5. Review with coaches.
Coaches know how to make your strengths greater and turn your weaknesses to your advantage. They give out feedbacks that will help the candidate improve his or her skills. Studying with them is exposing the candidates to more avenues in increasing their fluency and improving their potential in getting the target score.

These are five easy steps but effective in improving one’s score for the IELTS test.


You can also gather some information regarding on how to compute the IELTS Score

If your planning to take IELTS you can follow this link:




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