Free IELTS Seminars in the Philippines

Many people are accustomed to hearing facts and information about English proficiency examinations. Generally, English proficiency examinations are taken by non-native English speakers who are considering to work and study in English-speaking countries. Moreover, some people use English proficiency exams to gauge the level of their knowledge and fluency in the English language. Filipinos are one of the many nationalities that are familiar with this kind of examination.

Among the many English proficiency examinations that are popular in the Philippines today, the International English Language Testing System exam is taken by many individuals. The IELTS test is a paper-based examination that measures the level of fluency of a certain individual in the English language through different tasks in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Moreover, the test uses English in a social context to evaluate how well a candidate can use and understand the language in daily conversations and situations.

Most candidates are aware of this fact; however, it is still essential to know more information about the IELTS examination. This is the very reason why most IELTS review centers conduct IELTS seminars as an information drive to candidates who are planning to study the IELTS. Nonetheless, some people are sceptical to attend such programs for they might be forced to enrol on an IELTS program. Hence, there is a limited number of people joining such seminars.

However, some review centers make it sure that their IELTS seminars are for free, and JRooz Review center is one of them. One of their programs is called Study, Opportunities, and Residency Abroad or SOAR Abroad. This program aims to introduce candidates to top and trusted immigration consultancy firms in one big event. This will broaden the candidates, perspective in the things that they need to know in the opportunities that are waiting in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Canada. In this event, candidates will have a comprehensive understanding on what the IELTs is. Furthermore, candidates will learn the different kinds of visas they can apply for in the countries mentioned above along with the requirements that they need to secure. Additionally, they will be able to know the different opportunities that they can apply for in the said countries. Immigration consultancy firms will also explain the process in getting a visa and the help that candidates need while processing applications.

In addition, the IDP and British Council also conduct seminar and provide discounts on their training fees. Most promos are advertised in their websites so candidates have to check them regularly.

IELTS seminars are a good way to let candidates discover the benefits of the IELTS exam. Also, attending such events will broaden one’s understanding of the different opportunities they can have overseas.


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