IELTS Requirement in Australian Visas 457 and 186

One popular tourist destination for Filipinos is Australia. Everybody wants to take a selfie in the Sydney Opera House or take a glimpse of the kangaroos and koalas. Though Australia can be a pretty expensive trip, Filipinos are still up for visiting the country. Not only Australia is popular for this tourist spots and destinations but also it has become a country where employment is high and skilled work is in-demand.

Australia has a number of visas where Filipinos can apply for. These visas have different requirements and eligibility of which Filipinos have to know. Among the many visas, Australian Visas 457 and 186 are most applied for.

Australia 457 is also known as Temporary Work (Skill) visa. This visa lets a skilled worker travel to Australia to work in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor for four years. Application for this type of visa can be done in or outside Australia. This visa will allow a person to work in Australia for four years, bring their family to work or study in Australia and travel in and out of the country as much as possible. Candidates for this visa should check that their employer must be an approved sponsor and has nominated them for a position. Among the many requirements in this type of visa, one must obtain an IELTS or International English Language Testing System exam score of at least 5 in all parts of the examination – speaking, reading, listening and writing.

On the other hand, Australian Visa 186 is Employer Nomination Scheme. This is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers. It allows any visa holder to work in Australia under any of these streams: the Temporary Residence Transition stream, the Direct Entry stream, and the Agreement stream. Unlike 457 visa, 186 visa has two-step process: a nomination from an Australian employer and an application under the streams mentioned above. For the IELTS score, the Temporary Residence Transition stream requires an IELTS score minimum of 5 in all components. For the Direct Entry stream, a score not less than 6 is needed. For the Agreement stream, the score is stated in the labour agreement.

The important thing for any applicant is to get a nomination from an employer. Having this makes the application faster and easier. In addition, take the IELTS test aiming for more than the desired score. Have a checklist of all the requirements needed. Best of all, inquire to an immigration adviser to which visa will work best for you. For more information, visit and for more information.



If you need a review center for IELTS you can follow this link


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