Who are the Federal Skilled Workers? How to Apply as One?

Why is it that there are a lot of Filipinos working abroad? Is the Philippines having a scarcity of employment?

Each individual has a common dream in life – to be successful. In order to become one, seeking for a better life and work has been a part of this. In the Philippines, a number of working professionals are working overseas to earn more. There are jobs in the country; however, better salary packages are offered in countries abroad. Thus, Filipinos grab this opportunity to help their families and to become successful in their professional life.

Canada has been one of the destinations of Filipinos in the past few years. The highest demand in Canada is federal skilled work. Who are these federal skilled workers?
Based on their education, work experience and knowledge of the English or French language, skilled workers are chosen as permanent workers. To immigrate to Canada, Filipino workers can apply for the “Federal Skilled Worker” category. This category is good for individuals who want to live in any Canadian province except for Quebec. Quebec has its own category under its country’s name.

There is priority given to those applicants with a qualifying job offer. There is no limit on the number of applications with arranged employment that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will accept each year.

The Federal Skilled Work is for applicants who have one of these:
1. At least a year of continuous work experience in one of 50 in-demand jobs in Canada such as managers in health care, occupational therapists, university professors or lecturers, and civil engineers (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/apply-who-instructions.asp?expand=jobs#jobs).
2. At least two years of study in a PhD course program in Canada
3. An offer of permanent full-time job in Canada
If you have any of the following mentioned above, you are eligible to apply for the visa. As an applicant, one must:
1. Have at least a year of full-time (or equivalent to part-time) job experience in a skilled occupation
2. Meet the minimum language requirement(Canadian Language Benchmark 7) in speaking, reading, writing and listening
3. A Canadian education credential to prove that an individual’s foreign credential is equivalent to a completed Canadian course program

Applicants should be eligible to apply for a job. The best thing to do is to get a job offer from an employer and check in the website mentioned above it is part of the Federal Skilled Work Program. Remember to take an English proficiency examination like the International English Language Testing System for the language requirement.

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