IELTS Candidate Number – What You Should Know About This?

“I am applying for a job vacancy in New Zealand. They need my IELTS score. I have already taken the IELTS; however, the problem is that the Test Result Form is already sent to a company I applied for in Australia. Would it be possible for me to request a new one? -Shin, 25, Teacher

There is a great emphasis given in preparing for an examination. The success of an examination lies on the amount of preparation one has allotted in reviewing. In any exam preparation, it is common to spend sleepless night studying and reviewing topics covered in the examination. This preparation is also similar when one prepares for the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination.

Once you have already finished your course in preparing for the exam, the real test now awaits. There are lots of things to get ready such as pencils, pens, and even the clothes you will be wearing. Aside from these items, candidates should not forget their IELTS Candidate Number. What is this number for?

Upon finishing your registration, a number will be given by Cambridge ESOL to the candidate. This number or the IELTS candidate number is used by candidates as their reference number. Candidates use this in requesting IELTS services such as an extra Test Report Form (TRF). Where can you find this number? This number is posted on the MY STATUS PAGE on the NEEA IELTS webpage.

Some candidates fail to remember this number; hence, every candidate is advised to print a copy of this form or even store the IELTS candidate number in their phones.
What if you lost the number? What should you do?

Losing the number should not cause any distress to the candidate. What candidates should do is find the email sent by British Council. If candidates are not able to access their emails, it is best to check with your test center, they keep records of the candidates.

The IELTS candidate number is very important as it is needed to request forms for the IELTS. Once lost, it can still be retrieved with the email sent to the candidate. In addition, in some instances, IELTS candidate numbers are given right on the day of the examination. In this case, candidates should write them down on a piece of paper and keep this for future use.

Make sure all documents are prepared and valid prior to the IELTS examination day. Double check that you have everything before sitting in the IELTS test.

IF you are looking for an IELTS review center you can go to this link


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