How Much is the TOEFL Test in the Philippines?

“The school I am attending to in the US needs a TOEFL score and I do not have a single idea what this test is all about.” Marie, 21, Finance student

Filipinos are already familiar with English proficiency examinations. One of these is the Test of English as a Foreign Language. You might be wondering why Filipinos need to take an English test where in fact, Filipinos are good at speaking it. Being one of the best English speakers in the world, English is not the Philippine’s native language. Working or studying overseas in an English speaking country requires the TOEFL test certification and a particular target score to meet. This is done to ensure that the person will be able to survive interacting with other individuals who use the English language.

The TOEFL test is a computer-based examination. In taking the test, candidates need to go to a test center where they will be using a computer with Internet access to complete the examination. The test runs for almost four and a half hours. With a ten-minute mandatory break, the exam is divided into two sections: the reading and listening followed by the speaking and writing.

The TOEFL test uses academic English content. This means that situations involved and topics are usual topics in the academe. The reading section is composed of long passages from academic subjects like science, history, architecture and even music. Listening passages are taken from classroom discussions. Speaking tasks are also based on lectures and conversations in schools. Finally, writing essays on an academic topic.
Due to the amount of people who need the TOEFL certification, the TOEFL test has been made available in the country. The country has different test centers in different cities nationwide: Angeles City, Bacolod City, Baguio City, Cebu City, Davao City, Makati City, Pasig City, Quezon City and in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. People who are planning to take the examination should prepare an amount of $200 (about PhP 8800) for registration.

Since it is important to any individual to excel in the examination, different TOEFL review centers have emerged in the country. These review centers offer study programs that consist of classroom lectures and skill building. What Filipinos need is skill building as they are already familiar with some of the academic subjects. In TOEFL review centers, coaches and lecturers make sure that students understand every concept and technique for the TOEFL. Additionally, they conduct mock exams to check the student’s progress weekly.

TOEFL is a challenge that anyone can take. Review for the TOEFL and test your English skills with the TOEFL test.

If you are planning to take TOEFL you can go to this link


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