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Citing Examples in the IELTS Speaking Test – Is it Important?

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination speaking section is unique as it is done in an interview style with a native English speaker. A number of candidates who have taken this section have said that the test brought them cold feet and the level of anxiety was totally different. First time takers of the examination should know how to good at the IELTS speaking test. One step is to know what the test’s tasks are.

In the IELTS speaking test, the candidates have to undergo three different speaking tasks. It is expected that the speaking test will only last for ten to fifteen minutes. The first task is considered to be an introduction. This task will let the candidate feel more comfortable in the course of the examination. Candidates will be asked questions like personal information, work, studies, and even about family. What the candidates need to do is to have an open discussion or dialogue with the interviewer. Provide opportunities where the interviewer can ask more question and make the interviewer interested in knowing you. You can also ask questions to him or her to have a very nice conversation.

The second task is a where a cue card with a task is written. Candidates have to give a response depending on the question with guide questions. Most of the time, candidates are wondering whether they need to cite examples in their responses. Actually, doing this makes the response better. Citing personal experiences gives the response strength in content. Candidates need this to get a good score in the exam – a very well-planned content in the response.

Finally, the final task is a more detailed discussion on the topic of the second task. Here, interviewers assess how well you can carry an intellectual conversation and how you can defend your answers. They want to see how conversant you are in the English language. Providing personal examples and information that you have heard of or read about are good points to include in your response.

What candidates have to develop amongst themselves is the fluency in handling dialogues. It is possible with constant training and exposure to opportunities in speaking English. Because of this, many candidates for the IELTS speaking test take IELTS test reviews to have speaking coaches guide them in making responses for the exam. In addition, speaking training improves the candidate’s confidence in using the English language which is needed in the interview.

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