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IELTS Test Cancellation, Refund, Reschedule

Imagine a situation wherein you have already scheduled your examination for the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination; however, as the day of the test draws nearer, you feel that you are not ready for it or something important has come up. What is the most possible thing that you have to do?

In the IELTS, cancellation or rescheduling of the examination is possible. However, there are some conditions before one can do so. It has always been suggested to candidates to register for the exam a couple of months before the target date. This is to give time for the candidates to prepare for the exam both mentally and psychologically. The exam is a strenuous test of English skills and most candidates feel worried and even nervous in the exam day. Hence, preparing themselves psychologically is a big help. Further, another reason for this early registration is for reasons of possible cancellation or rescheduling of the IELTS test.

Some candidates have a variety of reasons why they need to cancel or reschedule the examination. Due to this, IELTS have come up with valid reasons, provided with evidence or documents, which are considered for the said cancellation and rescheduling.

Both cancellation and rescheduling of the examination should be done 5 weeks prior to the test date. The IDP or British Council should be notified. There will be a 25% administrative charge in applying for a refund. Refunds are only available if the candidate has filed the notice on the said time. Any request filed less than 5 weeks will not be refunded.

For those who are going to request for a test date transfer, the same rule applies. However, the test center will still have to check the availability of the next test date. Requests for transfer of test date are not granted if filed less than 5 weeks from the exam date. Here are common reasons why candidates ask for a transfer or cancellation that are acceptable in the IELTS test:

• Death in the family
• A serious medical condition
• Trauma or victim of a recent crime
• Military service
• Loss of documents such as visa and government issued IDs to be presented on the test day
• Visa application problems

Any candidate should be able to produce a certificate or any related documents that will serve as evidence to these reasons along with the completed form of Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form which can be downloaded in the IELTS website.

For more information, visit an IELTS review center for a step-by-step procedure and help in filing your cancellation and rescheduling of the test.


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