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Grammar Writing Improvement Training in the Philippines

I admit that I was totally clueless on the certain rules in the English grammar. Given the fact that it was taught in elementary and high school, I was pretty confident that I would be able to ace any English examinations given to me. English has been my second language. It has been spoken at home and in school, so I really do not have a hard time using it until I had to take the IELTS.

I was preparing my requirements to study in Australia. I wanted to get a certificate for culinary arts and one of the school’s requirements was to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. Not knowing what this test was, I checked it online and found bits and pieces of information about it. Since it was a requirement, I decided to buy some review materials in a bookstore. Honestly speaking, the reading and listening sections were quiet easy for me. Additionally, the speaking was not much of a problem since I am known to be very sociable and talkative. What really caused me serious trouble was the writing part. I did not know how to write essays for the IELTS.

With this, I started reading sample essays on the internet. I was surprised with how fluent the essays were and I realized I needed help. Friends recommended finding a review center for the IELTS. I looked for some online and found JRooz Review Center. I was thrilled with their program and decided to enrol. The best thing about their program is their grammar classes.

A diagnostic test was given to us and right there I noticed how poor my grammar understanding was. My score in that test was not something I was proud of; however, the classes indeed helped me a lot. Most of the time, classroom discussion on the common rules in verb tenses and sentence construction was discusses and further elaborated. There were lessons on punctuations, vocabulary and a step-by-step guide in writing essays for the IELTS writing. I had a hard time but I eventually gained more confidence as the program went on. All the things I learned in grammar class were useful in my writing responses.

My IELTS exam was done a month ago and I got an 8 in my Academic Writing. In truth, I did not expect that I would get an 8. It was all because of the grammar training I had with JRooz. So, for you who are preparing for the exam, the best thing to do is to build a strong foundation in grammar by attending grammar classes. Not only is this best for your writing but also for your speaking exam.

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