Where Do I Get the Best IELTS Sample Test?

A lot of people will probably agree with the statement, “Experience is the best teacher.” We are able to understand things better if we have the chance to be in that certain situation. Exposure to such scenario or environment will teach a person how to react on such predicament. Another thing is that through experience, we learn from the mistakes that we might make. It teaches us not to do these things again to avoid such obstacles or bad results. Since experience is the best way to learn something, it is also beneficial to anyone taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination to be exposed to a lot of exercises for the IELTS test.

One important thing for IELTS test takers is to know how the test feels like. This is the very reason why most of them choose to participate in IELTS classes offered by different IELTS review centers in the country. In IELTS review centers, they will be undergoing different kinds of classroom lectures and activities to practice their IELTS skills. The best of all, candidates can take advantage of mock tests in these review centers. What are these mock tests?

Mock tests are sample tests given by teachers to their students. This mock test is designed to be the same with the real test. Since mock tests are given, candidates will be more familiar with the pattern of the test. They will be able to know what to do next after one section is finished. What are the good points of these mock tests?

• Candidates will be better in reading exercises. They will be timed and given chances to take the reading test in a very limited time. This will challenge their skill in skimming and scanning through long and shot reading passages.

• Note taking as a skill is very much needed for listening. Candidates will be able to distinguish accents from Australia, the United States and even from the United Kingdom. Through mock tests, candidates will be more comfortable with these accents.

• Speaking mock tests reduce the amount of anxiety candidates have in a one-on-one interview. They will not only be given comments on their responses but as well as their stance and behaviour in speaking.

• Writing mock tests will give the students practice on how to compose essays in a very limited time. These will make them practice multitasking essentials in writing an essay – brainstorming, writing, and revising.

Through mock tests, candidates will learn what to expect on the tests. There are some mock tests available online but some are not free and there are no feedbacks given afterwards. The best mock tests are with IELTS review centers.


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