How to Speak Good English? Important Tips to Consider to Ace the IELTS

“I have to take the International English Language Testing System test or IELTS for my job application overseas. In truth, I am not confident with my English skills. I think I need help.” – Melissa, 24

Leaning a new language is both exciting and difficult. It is said to be exciting as a person will get to know new words, build sentences and eventually have conversations in the language he or she is studying. It is also difficult as the person have to start from the basics, like a child learning how to read and write. Studying English is a long process; it is not done overnight. Furthermore, there are a lot of things to learn in the said language. There is grammar, sentence construction, punctuation, vocabulary, and even idioms. With these considerations, how can one speak good English?

First of all, learning English is much better when it starts at an early age. Kids have very young minds and flexible as well. Their minds can easily adapt to the environment they are exposed to. As for adults, learning English can be pretty difficult. They have strong hold of their native language; hence, this can cause slight problems in their learning process. To be able to speak English well, one must start getting familiar with the rules in the English grammar.

There are lots of rules in the English grammar. Some memorize these rules, while some learn the rules through the mistakes they get once they make English sentences. Either way, learning grammar is essential. What follows this knowledge with grammar is a strong foundation of vocabulary. We learn to speak or communicate through words that we know. Effective communication lies on the appropriate choice of word to avoid misunderstanding and conflict.

Now, why do some people have a hard time learning English? Here are some factors to consider:

  • the amount of exposure they have with the language
  • the materials they have been using to learn English
  • the local accent that influences their pronunciation
  • the time spent in studying
  • the attitude towards learning

Once a person has decided to learn English and even ace the IELTS; he or she must:

  • Find opportunities to practice speaking English. Use English when paying for groceries, asking for the bill or by simply making short talks with family and friends.
  • Choose books that will help you like grammar books and simple reading materials such as magazines and newspapers.
  • Listen to how words in the English are pronounced. Watch videos online or movies to help you learn American accent.
  • Allot about three hours in a day for studying. Do not give long hours in studying. Too much information for a day can make you feel stressed instead of learning.
  • Have a positive attitude towards learning. Making mistakes is a part of the process. We have to learn to learn from them and avoid committing them again.

Learning English should be fun. Hence, people should review on the IELTS balancing time for studying and relaxing. Like what they say,”All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Find a balance and everything will turn out great for your IELTS test.

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