IELTS Writing Mistakes Often Committed by Butchers

Who says writing is easy? Well, for those bloggers and book authors, writing can be a piece of cake but for sure they have experienced moments where they could not think of any idea on what to write. The most common problem with writing is the development of ideas. People cannot brainstorm well because either they have a lot of ideas that organizing it into a good essay is difficult or there is not a single idea that comes into their mind. In an English proficiency examination like the International English Language Testing System examination or the IELTS, it is best for any candidate to learn skills that will help them get a good score in the test.

Among the working professionals and students who take the IELTS, butchers need a lot of training for the writing section. The writing section involved a lot of basic knowledge in English like sentence construction, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Hence, to avoid committing a lot of mistakes for this section, here are what butchers often overlook in the IELTS writing test.

  • Too wordy essay. There is a minimum number of words in the IELTS writing. Some candidates do not have any ideas anymore that they tend to write similar content sentences over and over again to reach the number of words compromising the flow and the content of the essay.
  • Too short essay. Some do not have enough time to finish the essay. The essay is short, poorly written and do not have a definite content. This problem is totally penalized in the writing section.
  • Tasks are not completed. There are certain points that should be included in the essay. Failure to complete these means a low grade in writing.
  • No transition words. Transition words are very important in an essay. They show added information, contrasting ideas, and even to show a cause and effect relationship. Some butchers fail to understand and even use these effectively makes the essay very plain and the unorganized. IELTS butcher candidates should practice more on this.
  • Misspelled words. Most of the time, words are not spelled write. This can be a careless mistake or the candidate is unsure of the spelling of a particular word. If the reason is the latter, better think of other words to express what you mean.

IELTS writing for butchers are not that complicated as the Academic Module. For them to be familiar with the writing, constant training is needed. Guidance from a writing teacher is recommended and IELTS training from review centers is the best choice.

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