IELTS Training in the Philippines – How Do I Start?

My boss is asking me to take the IELTS examination. He is referring me to this job in Australia and the said test is a qualification. Are there any training offered for this test? I am so busy and I need to balance my time between working and studying” – Theodore, 30, engineer

In taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination, preparation is much needed. Most of the time, people who are scheduled to take the IELTS seek information online and do practice tests for free. Some look for good finds in bookstores to help them review for the test. There are many ways to get ready for the examination. However, most candidates who have already taken the test advise others to take IELTS training in IELTS review centers here in the Philippines.

Many have already been known about these IELTS review centers. A lot of individuals attest that with the help of these centers, getting their target scores have been a breeze. Some are sceptical while the majority are persuaded to enrol in these classes. How can one start in an IELTS review centers? Here is a step-by-step guide in taking IELTS training here in the Philippines.

  • Search online on some IELTS review centers. There are different blogs online describing these review centers. Write down their addresses and contact numbers.
  • Call a particular review center and set up an appointment.
  • Upon your meeting, ask different things about the review center. These questions can include: cost of the review, flexibility of the class schedule, how the classes are conducted, quality of the mentors and availability of mock tests.
  • Once you are enrolled, ask for any review materials that they will be providing.
  • Check your class schedule. Inform your teacher if there are days that you will not be able to attend your class. Make sure that your teachers are always informed about your absence.
  • When you are scheduled for a mock test, attend to your schedule as much as possible. The mock test is a good exercise for you to be familiar with the flow of the examination.

Leaning with experts for the IELTS creates a great advantage to any IELTS test takers. The secret in achieving one’s target score is with the amount of practice one gets prior to the examination. Cramming should be avoided in the examination. As much as possible, train in review centers for a couple of months before registering for the examination. IELTS test needs ample preparation and should not be taken for granted.

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