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IELTS Speaking Tips That You Can Get from Reputable Review Centers

When reviewing for an examination, students seek ways on how to pass the examination easily. They try to memorize facts through acronyms and even mnemonics. Students find tips on how they can study well for an exam. The same happens for candidates taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. Candidates are faced with a challenge that tests their English proficiency skills. Among the four sections of the exam, the speaking test creates an atmosphere of anxiety to the candidates.

Having to be interviewed by a native English speaker has always brought cold feet to any IELTS speaking candidate. Sitting for ten to fifteen minutes is like an hour of nerve-racking experience. Hence, candidates prepare for the test by attending speaking classes and mock interviews in IELTS review centers. Now here are speaking tips that candidates like you can get from reputable review centers here in the Philippines.

  1. Better vocabulary makes better responses. Choose words and even idioms that make your responses intelligible.
  2. Listen carefully. Sometimes, candidates have a problem understanding the interviewer because of their accent.
  3. Understand the task before making a response. Make sure all details in the task are given answers. Failure to do so is a penalty on your speaking score.
  4. Be familiar with how words are spoken in different accents. The IELTS examination uses three different accents – American, English, and Australian. Listen to how words are pronounced distinctively on these three.
  5. Always give details to answers. Do not just answer with a “yes” or “no”. Create an opportunity where the interviewer and you can have a free conversation.
  6. Open your mouth when speaking. Sometimes, when a person is too nervous, they end up murmuring while making a response. Words come out clearly when you open your mouth clearly when speaking.
  7. It is your test so you are expected to speak more than the interviewer. You are assessed on how well you can understand and develop your ideas; hence, speaking more is advised.
  8. People forget what they need to do if they are consumed with anxiety. Enjoy the interview.
  9. If you are not sure about the question, ask politely to repeat the question.
  10. Always find an opportunity to speak English. Not only you learn but also develop your confidence in speaking English.

Proven effective and helpful, IELTS review centers provide the highest quality of training for speaking to their candidates.

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