What is Road to IELTS?

Preparing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination has never been easier with British Council’s Road to IELTS!

Road to IELTS is British Council’s online course for individuals around the world who want to prepare for the IELTS test. The program’s objective is to improve the language skills of its students to be well-equipped for the real IELTS examination.

What can IELTS test takers get from Road to IELTS?

  • Online resources for both modules of the test – Academic and the General Training
  • E-books that are specially designed as preparation for the four different sections: listening, reading, writing and speaking tests
  • Videos that show tips from previous test takers. They also describe their experiences and their own story behind their success in getting a good score.
  • Videos from the best IELTS instructors in the British Council telling what you need to do as a candidate, what you need to avoid, and what you need to learn about the IELTs test.
  • Practice tests that are designed to help students understand the IELTS test.
  • Answers are also provided with explanations so students will know what to avoid the next time they take practice tests.
  • There is a feedback page where students can monitor their progress in the program.
  • Exercises in the program are all based on real IELTS task. This will help develop the confidence of students in answering tasks.

How can Road to IELTS help the candidates?

  • Understanding of each task. Discussion of the each test type orients the candidate on the test format.
  • Avoid getting nervous on the speaking test. Techniques on how one can control their anxiety during the speaking exam.
  • Avoid common errors. Committing errors should not be given a room in the test. Hence, candidates learn what to do to make the right answers and response.
  • Preparation techniques on how to manage brainstorming on a very limited time.

The Road to IELTS is a big help to any person who wish to take the IELTS examination. Furthermore, the Road to IELTS is hosted by British Council so candidates can expect the highest quality of training for the IELTS examination.

The Road to IELTS is very convenient because it is an online course program. Moreover, it is also available in the App Store and Google Play for free. British Council makes sure that learning IELTS is easy, convenient and most of all entertaining to keep the interest going for the IELTS test.

If you are planning to take IELTS you can visit this site www.jroozreview.com/ielts-review-center.


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