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How to Review for the IELTS While You Are Working

“I recently have applied for an immigrant visa in Australia. I have all the requirements except for the IELTS. I currently have a job and I work from 8 in the morning till 6 at night. I am wondering if you could help me find ways for me to review while I am working.” Leo, 30, teacher

Surprisingly, a lot of working professionals are currently scheduled for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. According to most IELTS review centers, they have been gaining more and more working professional students reviewing for the examination. However, most of the time, these people have problems with their schedules. Most of the classes are done in the morning, but they are still at work. They could not even take the risk of taking a break from their work. How will these working individuals prepare for the examination?

There are some ways on how these people can work and at the same time review for the examination. Here are some:

  • Download IELTS review mobile apps

There are some free downloadable mobile applications that they can download to their smart phones. These mobile applications are available for both Android and iOS devices. These applications are great while they are having a break at work. They can even study while commuting to work or having a lunch break. The best thing about these apps is that they can be accessed without internet connection and because they are in the smart phone, studying can be done anytime, anywhere. Here are some links to downloadable IELTS apps:

  • Speaking in English with your colleagues

Create an opportunity to speak English with your workmates. It may seem awkward at first. Eventually, you will gain more confidence in using the English which is exactly needed in the IELTS examination. The point here is you gain confidence as a preparation for your speaking test. A good English speaker is not only good at choosing words to express himself or herself but is also confident in communicating using the language.

  • Enrol in IELTS review centers

IELTS review centers are very nice to come up with a schedule that is very flexible. Some even offer reviews as late as 9pm and even on the weekends. Because of this, working individuals have the option to go to classes after work or on their off during weekends. 

These are a few things working individuals can do while they work and study for the IELTS. There is always a way to review. The key here is time management and being able to balance work and studies.

You can get some IELTS tips here


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