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How Long Do I Have to Wait for the IELTS Results?

Are you taking the IELTS? Then you must have a lot of questions in mind about the exam. There are a lot of things that you have to know about the IELTS test before challenging the examination. Let us have the basic yet the most important information about the test.

The IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a paper-based examination that evaluates non-native English speakers with their ability to speak and understand the English language. Furthermore, this exam is being taken by hundreds of Filipinos nowadays for three basic reasons: work, study and immigration. The IELTS certificate is currently accepted in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and some parts of North America.

Two authorized organizations are responsible for the IELTS test – British Council and IDP. They may be two different agencies but the content of the exam are the same for both. The test, for both BC and IDP, has two modules: Academic and General Training. Candidates need to ask which module to take as different institutions have different required test modules.

A certain candidate is tested through four different sections – speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each section has different tasks that one should complete. The test usually uses a variety of English accents but the most common accents are the American English, British English and Australian English. Due to this, a lot of Filipinos take IELTS review courses in IELTS review centers to be familiar with how words are spoken and even spelled in the mentioned accents.

The highest score one can get in the IELTS is an overall band score of 9.0. In truth, there is no passing or failing grade in the IELTS. Companies, academic institutions and visa requirements have already a standard score set for these applications. What the candidate should do is meet the score requirement to be able to continue their application.

Candidates who have taken the examination should wait for at least thirteen days for the release of their scores. They can check it online at BC’s and IDP’s website or they can wait for their Test Result Form (TRF). This result will be delivered to the address indicated on the candidate’s application. Some candidates indicate the school or the company that needs their certification; hence, they need to contact the institution to double check if the certificated has already been received.

Taking the IELTS test can give individuals a different kind of pressure. However, with proper practice and exposure to English, there is no need for candidates to worry about the exam. Read more about the IELTS and be ready to take the challenge of the IELTS test.

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