Is TOEFL Difficult to Pass?

People have been saying that taking the TOEFL or the Test of English as Foreign Language is too difficult. Some may say yes but others would definitely disagree. Why do people think TOEFL is difficult to pass?

Here are some common misconceptions on the TOEFL test that candidates should not believe.

1. The TOEFL can be only taken once.
As long as you have the money to register for the examination, you can take it as many times as possible in a month. Some candidates have a target score to meet and they are beating their deadlines for their applications so they register for the test even three times in a month. The TOEFL test can be taken more than once in a month or even as often as possible.

2. The TOEFL test can be only taken outside the country.
Of course, you can take the TOEFL test right here in the Philippines. There are different test locations like in Manila, Cebu and Davao. All the candidate needs to do is check TOEFL’s website to check the schedule of the exam in different cities.

3. Speaking fast gets you a good score in the speaking test.
NO! What makes a candidate get a good score in the speaking test is the content of his or her responses, how well the answers are given, the flow of the response, the pronunciation and grammar.

4. Only American companies and universities accept the TOEFL test.
The test is not only accepted in the United States but also to 130 other countries in the world. Moreover, visa applications in Australia will be accepting TOEFL as an English language requirement starting November 2014.

5. Only American English is used in the test.
Since it is an English test, different accents are used to gauge how well one can understand English spoken in different accents. Hence, candidates have to be exposed on activities that will make them familiar with different English accents.

6. You can extend your time in the reading test.
Once your time is consumed, your answers will be submitted to the servers whether you have completed them or not. Time is very important, so candidates need to manage their time in taking the test.

7. It is okay to write below the minimum number of words in the writing as long as the content is exceptional.
The writing test will accept essays written below the minimum number of words; however, there is a penalty to such. Nobody has perfected the TOEFL test without reading and following the instructions in the task.

8. The TOEFL certificate does not expire.
The validity of the test is only for two years. Once your certificate expires, you have to take the test again.

9. One should have an accent in the speaking test.
Like what was mentioned before, the most important thing in the speaking test is the content of the answer. If you have an accent then it is better. However, it is not a necessity to speak like an American in the speaking test. Just make sure your regional accent will not affect your pronunciation during the response.

10. There is no need to study meticulously for the exam.
A lot of candidates prepare religiously for the test. It is important for candidates to understand all the details and skills needed in the exam to successfully hit their target scores.

Never be complacent in taking the TOEFL. Read and be informed on what the exam is all about.


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