What Can I Do If I Lost My Reference Number in IELTS?

I am Amanda and I am scheduled for the IELTS. I have a problem though. I cannot find my IELTS reference number given to me on my speaking test. Will I still be able to view my exam results? What should I do?”

There are a lot of instances wherein candidates for the International English Language Testing System examination (IELTS) have lost their reference number. The reference number or the candidate number is very important for any IELTS test candidate. Candidates registered in the IDP get their candidate numbers on the day of the examination while British Council applicants get their candidate numbers on the confirmation email sent to them.

Before registering for the examination, candidates have to choose to register under the British Council or the IDP. These two agencies are the only authorized organizations that deliver the IELTS examination. The content of the exam has no difference between the two modules. In addition, the candidate should determine what kind of module they have to take – the Academic or the General Training. These modules are different in their reading and writing sections while both are the same in listening and speaking.

Prior to the day of the exam, candidates have to prepare all necessary requirements like identification, pencils, photographs and reference number. However, what If your reference number is missing?

If you have lost your reference number, do not worry! Here are a few and simple ways where you can retrieve your reference number.

For British Council candidates:

  1. Log in to your email. This email should be the one you used in applying for the IELTS examination. Once you have finished your registration for the examination, an email will be sent confirming the date of your exam.
  2. Find the email and look for the reference number.

For IDP candidates

You can simply ask the test center for your reference number as this is normally given on the day of the examination.

As a matter of fact, the Cambridge ESOL sends a uniquely generated number, the IELTS reference number, that is needed for requesting additional Test Report Forms. Also, candidates can find this number on the NEEA IELTS website right on your status page.

Candidates should be very responsible with this reference number as more information on the exam may need your reference number. Like mentioned above, the Test Report Form is important as your score, the module you have taken, center number and test date are all indicated on this form.

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