Is TOEFL Accepted for Australian Immigration 2014?

Many have taken the International English Language Testing System examination (IELTS) test as their English proficiency exam requirement for Australian immigration. IELTS have been used for a very long time and is recognized in the said country. However, if you are someone who have taken the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language before, will this be accepted in Australia?

It has been since 2011 that TOEFL has been accepted in admission to different Australian institutions. Students all over the world can use the TOEFL to apply for a student visa. However, starting November 2014, the TOEFL score is now accepted on all visas in the graduate, skilled, business, work and holiday categories in Australia. This is good news for Filipinos who have already taken the TOEFL and want to use it as an English proficiency examination requirement in Australia. This recognition of the TOEFL score will provide more opportunity for non-native English speakers who want to be successful in Australia.

It has also been reported that the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has released the test score equivalencies of both TOEFL score to IELTS overall band scores.


Some might be wondering how TOEFL is different from the IELTS examination. The TOEFL examination is a computer-based examination which evaluates its applicant on their knowledge in the English language in an academic context. Topics that are covered in the examination are common subjects in the academe like science and technology, history, arts and literature and even music.

The test is also composed of four different sections – reading, listening, speaking and writing. The IELTS have two kinds of module for the exam – Academic and General Training. For the TOEFL, there is only one type of examination that the student can take. Unlike the IELTS test where test takers need to talk to a native English speaker, the candidate’s responses to the TOEFL speaking examination are recorded and stored in the cache servers. Candidates are less nervous; however, the topics in the speaking section are much more difficult compared to IELTS.

Scoring systems on both are also different. The highest score one can get in the TOEFL is a score of 120 with 30 as the perfect score in each section. In the IELTS, the highest overall band score is given in a 9.0 scale. Both exams’ results are available a couple of weeks after the examination.

It is indeed good news for Filipinos that Australia now accepts TOEFL in their applications. Now, they can choose whether to challenge the TOEFL or IELTS as long as they hit the target scores required by the institutions they are applying for.

You can visit this site if you want to enroll for TOEFL


One thought on “Is TOEFL Accepted for Australian Immigration 2014?

  1. HI. I would like to know if a candidate applying for Skilled visa (PR) from India, can also appear for TOEFL in November 2014.? Can the exam be written now or should it be written only from November.?

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