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How to Take IELTS in the Philippines?

I am Joshua, a Korean living in the Davao City. I am studying English here to hone my skills before I study in Australia. My school in Australia requires an IELTS score. Can I take the IELTS here though it is not my home country?”

It is not only Filipinos who are in need of the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System test but also other foreign nationals who are not native English speakers. There are a lot of foreigners here who are studying English in our country like Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and even people from the Middle East. They are currently here in our country to study English since English training in our country is much cheaper compared to their home countries. Aside from that reason is that we use English as our second language so they have a lot of opportunities to practice English while outside the classroom.

Taking IELTS here in the Philippines is a breeze. First, all candidates for the IELTS exam should start by knowing what their target scores are for the exam. Candidates have different purposes in taking the exam: work, study or immigration. Each country, company or university has their own score requirements which candidates have to obtain. In addition, candidates should be informed whether they need to take the Academic or the General Training module for the test. These are different modules depending on the purpose and requirement of the said institutions.

Next, candidates have to take IELTS training here in the Philippines. Hundreds of review centers are currently operating in the country. The tricky part is looking for a review center that will suit your needs. Check on the course programs available and the schedules for these programs.

When you are about to register for the examination, you can do it online or through pen-and-paper. For those who wish to register online, visit the websites of IDP Philippines and British Council Philippines and make an account. Check available dates of exam and submit necessary requirements like passports, scanned photographs, and payment through credit card. Completing an application trough pen-and-paper can be done with the help of IELTS centers’ personnel. The same requirements are needed as well. Be sure to choose a test center located near you.

On the day of the examination, bring your ID, the one you used in the application, and other documents listed in the confirmation email. Foreign nationals are required to bring their passports as their identification.

Taking the IELTS here in the Philippines is easy as IELTS review centers can help candidates in registering for the examination. In addition, aside from this assistance, they also offer reliable and effective IELTS training essential for the IELTS test.

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