What Can I Get from Reading English Books and Novels?

Have you ever wondered why some people are so engrossed with reading? Have you ever seen people who spend most of their time in the libraries burying themselves in books?

It is really amazing looking at people in coffee shops where they just sit there with a cup of coffee and a book on their hands. The focus they have on their book seems to block all the unnecessary noises in the shop. Reading is a very good activity, for some. In literature, many authors became famous because of their literary works like Kipling, Poe, and Shakespeare. However, if you are someone not fond of reading, browsing their books will surely make you sleepy and bored. But for some, it awakens their inner being.

Though some look at reading as tedious and uninteresting, there are actually a lot of benefits one can get from reading. Here are some benefits that will make you reconsider your view on reading.

  1. Like any other physical exercise, reading makes your brain active. Just like lifting weights or running on a treadmill, reading exercises the neurons on your brains helping them from losing their energy. According to studies, reading slows down the onset of Alzheimer’s disease since your memory keeps getting the boost it needs every single day.
  2. Vocabulary power comes with reading. Listing new words you come across in novels and magazines will build a stronger vocabulary bank. As a result, readers are usually good writers and speakers of the English language.
  3. Some people read to relieve stress. There are different kinds of books to read and each genre takes you away to worlds that you would never imagine. Some people even describe books as an avenue where they can lose themselves as they feel relaxed after reading.
  4. Can you remember the characters and their personalities of all the books you have read? Generally speaking, reading improves your memory. Almost every single detail in the books that you have read is stored in your memory. With this, studying for exams or reviewing presentations will also be much easier for reader.
  5. Focus is more developed on reading. Just like the situation mentioned above, readers can actually concentrate on their work without being disturbed by other noise. This is useful for workers who can be more productive at work without being disrupted by tweets or photo comments on social networking sites.
  6. Knowledge is power. Reading makes you more knowledgeable. People who are fond of reading newspapers are always updated to the current news. Teens that like reading magazines are always on the lookout for the newest fashion styles. Reading increases one’s knowledge in his or her own interests.
  7. Ever read self help books? Reading improves one’s personality. There are books that show who you really are and can even change your perception on things (on a brighter side).
  8. Books teach young writers different styles in writing. Authors of novels have different appeals used in their books making them popular. Writing styles are developed in reading novels as one realizes the author’s way on describing scenes and details.
  9. Reading is a cheap entertainment for some. You can find reading materials online for free and even books are not that expensive. It is a free entertainment that could you to different worlds.
  10. Improved English skills. Indeed, one of the best ways to learn English is to read. Grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction are only some important things about the language one can discover and learn through reading.

Reading is a fun activity of learning. You can start reading today by choosing a material that you are interested with. It does not have to be a serious novel or something academic. It should be something where you can learn and have fun at the same time.


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