TOEFL Review in the Philippines: What are the Best Training Centers?

Training has always been emphasized as the key element to a successful examination. Lack of training or reviewing for an examination is sure to result to a poor performance and a bad score. Though a lot of people think reviewing is a waste of time and cramming can be better, in taking an English proficiency examination such as the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language, training is needed and a must.
A large population of Filipino physical therapists are in need of TOEFL training. The reason is due to the fact that the TOEFL score is a major requirement before they can take the National Physical Therapist Examination (NPTE), which is needed to acquire license to practice their profession in their desired state in the United States of America (USA). Not only physical therapists but also nurses need the TOEFL as a requirement in working overseas. With this, a lot of TOEFL training centers have started operating in the country. Enrolling in a good one is a must, so here are some of the best TOEFL training centers in the country.


1. JRooz Review Center Inc.
This review center has an intensive and unlimited program for its clients. The intensive program runs for two weeks. Covering the first week will be lectures and techniques students must have in the examination. The other week is purely mock exams and coaching for the real TOEFL examination. The unlimited program is best for clients who are working and has a packed schedule. This program is good for one year. Lessons are scheduled so students are updated on what topics are to be discussed in a specific day. This review center has branches in main cities in the Philippines: Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Davao City.
2. EPro Training Center
This review center has crash courses and unlimited program offered to its clients. Crash courses ranges from three to five days and unlimited program is good for 5 months. They also give free sit-ins to those enrolled in the unlimited program. EPro is located in Baguio City – conveniently located away from busy streets and pollution where students can only focus into studying.
3. IRIS – International Review and Review Studies
Providing learning skills and excellence in the TOEFL exam is their aim for their clients. They have unlimited classroom lectures, computer test simulation, one-on-one coaching, free materials, and test registration assistance offered to their students. Their unlimited program is also valid for one year. This center is located at Quezon City.
Check their websites and compare which would be best for you. Enrolling in the best TOEFL center is important as the success on your test relies on the quality of training you will be getting.


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