What is the Eligible Age to Take the IELTS Exam?

In taking the International English Language Testing System examination, not only it is important to know the test itself but also the rules or policies in taking the examination.
Candidates for the IELTS test are often reminded to know the basic information about the test. They should know the four sections of the test as well as the skills and techniques being evaluated in each task. Additionally, candidates are also given advice to enrol in IELTS review centers to further understand the test and its possible questions in each task. However, let us not forget the policies involved in the test. Here are some pointers to remember for every IELTS candidate:
• The IELTS exam is available to any person in the world. It does not discriminate race, gender, nationality or religion. However, candidates for the said examination should not be under 16 years old.
• All candidates have to bring a valid passport during the exam or an identification that they have used upon registration in the examination. A candidate who does not have this will be refused to take the examination.
• If a candidate has some special needs, he or she must notify the center three months before the exam. Special arrangements must be prepared ahead of time for the convenience of the examinee and the test center as well.
• Mobile phones or any electronic device should not be used during the test. These should be placed outside the testing room.
• Impersonating someone in the exam is not allowed.
• Attempts of cheating or disrupting the test will be given sanctions.
• Talking or disturbing other candidates during the exam is prohibited.
• Drinking, smoking, or eating inside the testing room is not allowed.
• Reproducing any part of the test will cause a disqualification and liable to prosecution.
• Results of the exam are issued in the test centers about two weeks after the examination.
• If in any case that your results are delayed, there could have been a breach with the rules and regulations or the candidate will be asked to take the examination again.
These policies and rules are strictly implemented by both the British Council and IDP. Candidates who are planning to cheat on the exam should think otherwise for they will just be wasting their time, money and effort in doing do. The best thing to do is to abide to these rules for a smooth and successful IELTS examination.
For more information regarding these rules and regulations, visit this website http://www.ielts.org/pdf/ielts_noticetocandidates.pdf.

You can get more IELTS tips here www.ieltsexamstips.com.


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