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Is it Possible for an IELTS Candidate to Have His/Her Paper Re-checked?

“I got my results in the IELTS test, the International English Language Testing System examination, last week… I am pretty confident with my reading and listening scores; however, I am not quite happy with my speaking and writing scores. I know I did very well. I was wondering if having my answers rechecked is possible.” – Karen, 26, physical therapist
There are times that a candidate feels that his or her score should be higher than the given evaluation. If this happens, it is indeed possible for the candidate to have his or her examination rechecked. Some candidates want their scores to be rechecked as most of these candidates are hitting required scores for their job or school applications. Failure to hit the score means retaking the examination which costs both time and money. If you are someone who wants their exams rechecked, here are the things that you need to know.

• Rechecking of one’s exam is given a limited time. Candidates who wish to do so should file the request within six weeks after the IELTS examination. The IELTS result is available within two weeks so it gives the candidate a month to file. The Enquiry on Results (EOR) is what they call of this rechecking.
• Visit the test center about the EOR. The forms are quite different from other test centers. Fill out the form with your complete name, address, and the sections of the examination that you want to be rechecked. Sign the form and pay the necessary fee.
• As the request has been filed, the test paper or the recording will be brought to IDP or British Council head offices to be rated by a different rater. This person is trained to be a senior marker. The test center will then be notified regarding changes on your score by sending a new Test Report Form (TRF). However, if there changes in the score, the fee will be refunded.
• Since the speaking and writing can be both subjective, these are the two sections of the exam that are usually asked to be rechecked.
The importance of hitting the score requirement is important for IELTS candidates. To be able to do so, it is best to prepare for the examination by joining in review classes for the IELTS. Through IELTs review centers, candidates are given lectures and discussions on the easiest way to understand and respond to different tasks in the examination. The more practice tests the candidate does, the more the candidate becomes familiar with the questions and the techniques for the IELTS exam.

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