Where to Get Free IELTS Training?

Students will definitely agree with the statement that studying is not a fun activity. Even so, it is something that students have to do in able to pass. The same thing goes to people who are going to take an English proficiency exam. Though Filipinos are known for their fluency in the English language, they still have to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination to be able to have an opportunity to find jobs, study in a prestigious university or even live in an English-speaking country. Taking the test and passing the required scores makes one a fluent English speaker.

Before taking the test, it is best to any candidate to undergo training for the exam. There are lot of benefits of training before taking the exam. It helps the candidate in building their English skills and be able to improve them. There are some strategies needed to know in the exam to successfully answer to the tasks. Another is that candidates have to know the areas where they are strong and weak. Knowing their weaknesses will push them to study harder and put more in reviewing.

Most of the time, reviewing can be pretty costly as you have to purchase books and manuals for the IELTS. The question now is: where can candidates get free IELTS training materials?

For starters, the internet is a good source of materials for the IELTS. There are quite a number of websites that host free practice tests for the IELTS. To name some, we have free practice tests from the two authorized agencies of the IELTS: British Council and IDP. Other free IELTS practice websites include www.ieltsessentials.com and www.ielts-exam.net. In your search engine, type the words free IELTS practice tests. Easy and convenient, the internet has practice tests with answers.

These websites have different exercises for IELTS two different modules: Academic and General Training. There are also sample answers that will guide candidates in understanding the passages and at the same time creating a pattern for them especially on the writing section.

Another way for candidates to get free IELTS training is to attend seminars of IELTS review centers. One of theperks of attending such is that most of the time, they have promos on how to get discounted review and some even give out free IELTS training as a perk in attending the seminar. Check out IELTS review centers’ websites and pages on social networking sites for these kinds of promos and announcements.

It is important to be prepared for the examination. That is why all candidates for the IELTS test find a way to review by checking free materials online or spending a little money in course programs in IELTS review centers.

More IELTS tips you can go here www.ieltsexamstips.com.


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