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IELTS Test Fee and Review Payments

Taking the IELTS has been very common in the Philippines today. There are thousands of Filipinos who are getting ready to take the International English Language Testing System examination here in the Philippines. IELTS is requirement for immigration, student, and work visas in major English-speaking countries. Most companies and institutions require the IELTS to make sure that applicants can speak and understand the English language once they are allowed entry in these countries.
The IELTS is commonly accepted in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and some parts of the United States of America. For those who are clueless about the IELTS examination, here are some facts that you basically need to know:
• The IELTS examination is a paper-based examination.
• There are four different sections in the IELTS examination: reading, listening, speaking and writing.
• There are two modules in the IELTS test – Academic and General Training. Candidates need to know what type of module they need before taking the examination. The General Training module is for skilled works and immigration visas. For working and student visas, the Academic module must be taken.
• The IELTS is scored in bands from 0 to 9 – 0 as the lowest while 9.0 as the highest proficiency.
• The IELTS test gauges an individual’s knowledge in using English in a social context. This means that topics in the exam can be topics of daily conversation known to men.
• Different accents are used in the examination. The most common are these three accents: American English, Australian English and British English.
• The Speaking section of the IELTS is done in an interview type of test. The candidates have to face an interviewer, most of the time an English native speaker, for ten to fifteen minutes.
• The IELTS is hosted in different cities in the Philippines. The exam is scheduled either once or twice in a month in these cities.
• In registering for the IELTS test, the candidates can choose between British Council and IDP – two authorized agencies of the IELTS examination in the Philippines.
• Registering can be done online or in person. The payment is PhP 8986 for British Council and PhP8900 for IDP.
• Each company and academic institution has their own required scores to be met. Failure of doing so means a retake of the examination.
Due to the importance in passing the IELTS examination, candidates chose to train in review centers to help them achieve their scores. IELTS review centers offer programs which include classroom lectures and daily practices to improve not only their English skills but also their confidence in using the said language.

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