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How to Know the IELTS Result Without the Candidate Number?

Many nationalities who speak English as their second language take English proficiency examinations to certify their fluency in the said language. One of these nationalities is Filipinos. Taking English proficiency examinations like the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination is very common. Filipinos take the IELTS take for mainly three reasons: work, study and immigration. As an important requirement, they take review classes to hit their target scores for the said test.

Being prepared for the examination is crucial for any test taker. They are always advised to take review classes months before the examination. What candidates do in these review classes is to know more about the IELTS. First, candidates need to be sure whether they need the Academic or the General Training – modules in the IELTS – for their application. Once they are sure about this, they can start attending classes. They will be introduced to the different concepts in the IELTS examination. In addition, classroom lectures are given, wherein, mentors teach candidates information on the parts of the test and how they can make correct responses for each. Candidates for the exam are given exercises to enhance their skills and develop techniques in answering the tasks until they are ready to take the real test.

After a couple of weeks from taking the exam, the results are made available online. The candidate needs his or her full name, date of birth, date of examination and their candidate number to check their scores. What if one loses his or her candidate number? What should this candidate do?

Candidates can check their emails for their candidate numbers. This number is indicated upon successful registration in the exam. In addition, candidate numbers are given on the test day. Candidates should be responsible enough to take note of this and keep it. To be sure that you will be able to check your score in any case that you lose your candidate number, candidates have the option to choose their review center as the recipient of their scores. This brings so much convenience for the candidate. Authorized review centers will notify candidates when their score are already available.

The IELTS candidate number is very important; hence, it is important for any candidate to know and keep this number. Not only is it needed for checking your score but also requesting for another copy of the TRF or Test Result Form. Further, what candidates should do is either take note of this number or have the review centers receive their IELTS results.

If you are planning to take IELTS you can visit this site


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