How to Prepare for the TOEFL Exam?

Do you know what the TOEFL is? Are you planning to take the test? Is your English good enough to score high?


The TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language is an English proficiency examination taken by many non-native English speakers. These people who take the challenge of the said examination are individuals who are applying a visa for English speaking countries for different purposes: work, study or even immigration. Since it is a major requirement for visa application, the weight of passing this examination is very important to all its candidates.

There are a lot of things to know about the TOEFL. One most important thing is how to prepare for the examination. Here are some tips on how you can get yourself ready for the test.

• Make a plan for your study. The TOEFL test has four different sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Create a timetable marking objectives on each section. Start giving priority to the section that you feel you are the weakest. You have to consider reviewing on that more compared to those you are more familiar with. Further, make sure that you read notes on how to respond on these different tasks and try on some practice exercises.

• For speaking, practice using vocabulary for holding opinions and describing problems. Learn how to use word expressions such as idioms. While speaking, use contractions to sound more natural. Further, put extra work on pronunciation and intonation. Filipinos often have strong local accent that should be avoided in speaking.

• Everyone has to improve their vocabulary for the reading. Make a list of words related to specific fields of study like biology, architecture and history. Practice reading with a friend as both of you read a passage and ask questions to each other after understanding the passage.

• Listening should be improved by watching English movies and television shows. It improves your vocabulary and at the same time, your skill in taking down notes particularly details on an audio recording.

• It is always emphasized to practice on grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction for writing. Write essays on different topics to develop your own writing style. Always reread your output to check on spelling and other grammatical errors.

Other things to consider:

• Choose your destination and being sure where to apply.

• Known the destination’s deadlines and requirements. Find more about them by searching online and contacting these institutions.

• Decide on your test day and location.

• Register for the exam a couple of months before your preferred test date.

• Engage in a lot of TOEFL practices

Preparing for the TOEFL is not that difficult. Candidates should have to be responsible in managing their time by prioritizing sections to be reviewed for the TOEFL.


If you are planning to review for TOEFL you can visit this site


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