Top Countries that Require IELTS

Everyone wants to live a good life. Living a good life means being successful in the career you choose, getting the highest educational attainment possible or even sitting on your porch watching days go by without worries. Every person has a different perspective on how they can live their lives well. They may have a variety of what a good life is, but one thing is common in these dreams, living life overseas.

A great number of Filipinos have been preparing to work, study or even immigrate overseas. The reason behind is the better benefits these countries offer. However, let us not forget that staying overseas would mean to comply with a lot of requirements. These requirements are important as they are proofs of one’s eligibility to be granted a visa – depending on what type they are applying for. Amongst these requirements is an English proficiency examination as evidence that one can understand and use English effectively in countries where English is spoken as their first language. One has to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System exam.

These are top 5 countries that need IELTS from their applicants:

1. Australia
Score requirements differ based on the visa type you are applying. For skilled migrant visa, a minimum of 6.0 is needed. Some companies to where one is applying for may require a higher IELTS score. This should be complied. In addition, Australia works on a point system. Candidates who have scored at least 8.0 in the IELTs get 20 points and 10 points for those who got 7.0.

2. Canada
Canada uses CLB or the Canadian Language Benchmarks as their national standard in determining and recognizing one’s fluency in the English language for both adult migrants and prospective migrants for living and working in Canada. Different visas will require a different CLB. For example, if a CLB 4 is required, this means that the candidate should get a score of 4.5 in the Listening, 3.5 in the Reading, 4.0 in the Writing and 4.0 in the Speaking tests.

3. The United Kingdom
For student visas, undergraduate and graduate programs need an IELTS score of 7.0. Migrants to the UK need a score of 6.5 in all components. Like what is previously mentioned, score requirements depend on the visa type or Tier (as used in the UK) the applicant is applying for.

4. New Zealand
The IELTS is a top requirement in this country. Principal applicants need to get a score of 6.5 or better in both General Training and Academic module of the IELTS test. The certification must also be still valid upon application.

5. The United States
The US accepts all different English proficiency exam certificates and one is the IELTS. For example, student visas require a minimum of 5.5. Score requirements are different from each university.

The best thing an individual to do is to contact the immigration department of these countries to know which score is their requirement. It will also be beneficial to have an immigration consultant or find an agency to help process papers and documents to avoid getting misinformed on some requirements.

If you are planning to review for IELTS you can visit this site


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