Is Grammar Important in the IELTS Test?

“I have been reviewing for the IELTS test. Actually, I am enrolled in an IELTS review center as a preparation for the test. My instructors have been telling me that I am good at reading and listening; however, my speaking and writing responses need working especially in grammar. They actually advised me to go for grammar classes. I am quite sceptical about this, but is grammar really important in the IELTS examination?”

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination is an English proficiency examination having that said, it is important to any test taker of the said test to understand that the test will evaluate one’s ability to understand and use English in different tasks: reading, listening, speaking and writing. As it is an English examination, grammar plays a very important skill that one should be very good at.

Though the reading and listening do not directly evaluate your skills in grammar, the speaking and the writing are the sections where grammar is highly gauged. In the speaking section of the examination, one criterion that examiners look at is Grammar Range and Accuracy. The examiner will test the structures of the responses – if they are natural and appropriate – natural in a sense that it is not following a template appropriate in terms of the situation given. With this, candidates should give out a wide range of structures within the responses. Sentences should not be in the simple form structure but use the complex or even compound-complex for better ones. Further, the examiner will see how consistent one is with its structure like the tenses of verbs. An examinee will seem like a native speaker when speaking in correct and appropriate grammar.


Grammar usage is more obvious in the writing section. Like the speaking section, Grammar Range and Accuracy is one of its criteria. Here, the essay is evaluated with the structures of sentences on how flexible and accurate they are. The minor the mistakes committed, the better scores on the essay. Sentences should be error-free. Meaning to say, the essay should have a consistent verb tense, appropriate use of the eight parts of speech and correct usage of punctuations.

Since grammar is important in the IELTS, how can one improve their grammar skills?

First, studying grammar is the basic answer. Review on the rules on verb tenses and most especially the subject and verb agreement. There could be minor mistakes in writing due to these, but they can still be corrected and eventually eliminated. Second, do a lot of practice tests. What is knowledge if you do not apply it? Speak a lot of English and write a lot of essays.

Grammar has a big role in the English language. It cannot be taken away from examinations. Hence, examinees should not only focus on improving their skills for the IELTS but also train themselves in using English grammar well.


How Much is the Tuition Fee for IELTS Review in Cebu City?

Taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination is quite pricey. Candidates have to pay almost P9000 to take the examination. With this, every candidate’s wish is to get their target scores in one take. There is a pressure for these candidates so as not to waste their money and time in waiting for another schedule of the examination. In Cebu City, candidates of the IELTS test has found out that review centers are a much better way in preparing for the examination. However, for some, they see this as just another waste of money.

Cebu 40 edited


In truth, Cebu City hosts a lot of review centers for the IELTS examination. Cebu residents find a wide array of choices on where to review that will suit their need for high quality training. Looking at their prices, almost all review centers have the same costs.

Most IELTS review centers have two different kinds of review programs: an unlimited review and intensive review. In the unlimited review program, candidates are given the opportunity to attend review classes for a year. They can take advantage of different classroom lectures, exercises, and mock exams. This unlimited program is valued at P5000. On the other hand, the intensive program runs for about two weeks. This program focuses a week for lecture and another week for mock exams and coaching. People who usually enroll in this program are those who are going to retake the examination because their IELTS certification has expired or people who are in a hurry to take the exam. This program costs about P3500.

Should Cebu residents take advantage of these programs? Indeed! IELTS review centers are better than self-studying. Imagine being caught up in a question that you do not understand. In IELTS review centers, there are coaches that can attend to your needs and answer your questions. You cannot have this when studying alone. Further, speaking exams are much better with speaking coaches. They know how to evaluate your response and make it appropriate for the test. They give out feedbacks that can help improve one’s fluency in the language as well as the confidence in using the English language.

Residents from Cebu City will be making a good decision if they decide to be a part of these IELTS review centers. Course programs are designed to address the needs of students who want to improve their English skills. Enrolling in one is an investment to one’s road to success in the IELTS.

Where to Take IELTS in Baguio City?

The increasing number of people taking English proficiency examinations are not is not only limited in Manila. More and more Filipinos in the different cities have been preparing for the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. Institutions from English speaking countries have made this examination an important requirement to their applicants to ensure quality and productivity from them. The IELTS will be a proof that what they have are good English speakers who can adjust and be successful in an English speaking environment.


It has been observed recently that there is an increasing number of people who are preparing for the IELTS in Baguio City. This increase shows that Baguio residents are also in need of the IELTS test for work, study or immigrant applications. Because of this, residents from this city are sure to be looking for a quality review for the said examination. Thus, IELTS review centers have started offering their services to the said residents.

Unlike before, Baguio residents can take review classes right in their own city. There is no need to go to Manila and spend quite a lot of money. Now, candidates for the IELTS can comfortably prepare for the exam in review centers near their homes. Moreover, Baguio residents do not have to worry about taking the examination because the British Council and IELTS IDP have test centers in the city.

British Council
Azalea Residences Baguio – Leonard Wood Loop, Baguio City

Burnham Suites – Kisad Rd, Baguio, Benguet

Before taking the real test, it is best for any candidate to review for the examination. Reviewing with IELTS coaches is the best preparation for the test. With them, candidates will be guided on how reading passages can be understood and completed without taking time in reading the whole text. Listening exercises are provided to improve one’s listening skill and familiarity with words spoken in different English accents. Writing essays are given comments and suggestions on how to make it better and more appropriate. Finally, speaking mock exams boost the candidates’ confidence in speaking and help them create responses that will make them sound like a native English speaker.

With the availability of the IELTS in Baguio City, more people are given the convenience in taking the test. There will be more individuals who will be better at speaking English and make their dreams come true with the IELTS exam. The IELTS is a very important certification that can bring anyone success and an opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

My Experience Being a Grandison Scholar

I’ve been told by a lot of people that looking for a job after graduating from college is not easy. After I finished my degree in physical therapy, me and my friends immediately went to review classes to get our professional licenses here in the Philippines. I guess it is true since most of my college friends were still looking for a job a couple of months after passing the board exam. Luckily for me, my aunt found me a job in a rehabilitation center in the city.

While working in the center, I already had this dream in working in the US. My friends told me about Grandison Management. There was a meeting setup at a local hotel and there we’re told about their plans for physical therapists. After that, I thought that Grandison could be the help I needed to fulfil my dreams in working in the US.

One of the requirements we had to have was getting a TOEFL test. The TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language is an English proficiency examination that we needed before we can take the National Physical Therapist Examination (NPTE). Being Grandison scholars, we were scheduled to have review classes for the TOEFL. Since we were scholars, we need not to pay anything for the class and the examination fee was on them as well. I studied very hard for the exam since we were required to get a score of 26 in the speaking test. The day of the exam came, and after a couple of weeks, I was so happy to reach my target score.

My block mates and I reviewed together for the NPTE. Seemed like luck was on our side, everyone passed the licensure test. Grandison was a big help to all of us. They helped us process our papers, credentialing and all the necessary documents needed before we could start working in the US, particularly in New York. The best thing is that almost every financial aspect of my journey to the US was taken care of Grandison Management. Honestly, I think I would not be able to cope up with the expenses for me to be able to work in New York. It was just so costly.

As I arrived in the US, Grandison made it sure that I would be able to find a place to live, showed me around the city, and made everything comfortable for us until we could manage everything on our own. I can say that without Grandison, I would never be here in New York. It has already been a year and I am thankful to Grandison for all the opportunities they have provided for me. Grandison is the best name we could trust – they simply make dreams come true.