How Much is the Tuition Fee for IELTS Review in Cebu City?

Taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination is quite pricey. Candidates have to pay almost P9000 to take the examination. With this, every candidate’s wish is to get their target scores in one take. There is a pressure for these candidates so as not to waste their money and time in waiting for another schedule of the examination. In Cebu City, candidates of the IELTS test has found out that review centers are a much better way in preparing for the examination. However, for some, they see this as just another waste of money.

Cebu 40 edited


In truth, Cebu City hosts a lot of review centers for the IELTS examination. Cebu residents find a wide array of choices on where to review that will suit their need for high quality training. Looking at their prices, almost all review centers have the same costs.

Most IELTS review centers have two different kinds of review programs: an unlimited review and intensive review. In the unlimited review program, candidates are given the opportunity to attend review classes for a year. They can take advantage of different classroom lectures, exercises, and mock exams. This unlimited program is valued at P5000. On the other hand, the intensive program runs for about two weeks. This program focuses a week for lecture and another week for mock exams and coaching. People who usually enroll in this program are those who are going to retake the examination because their IELTS certification has expired or people who are in a hurry to take the exam. This program costs about P3500.

Should Cebu residents take advantage of these programs? Indeed! IELTS review centers are better than self-studying. Imagine being caught up in a question that you do not understand. In IELTS review centers, there are coaches that can attend to your needs and answer your questions. You cannot have this when studying alone. Further, speaking exams are much better with speaking coaches. They know how to evaluate your response and make it appropriate for the test. They give out feedbacks that can help improve one’s fluency in the language as well as the confidence in using the English language.

Residents from Cebu City will be making a good decision if they decide to be a part of these IELTS review centers. Course programs are designed to address the needs of students who want to improve their English skills. Enrolling in one is an investment to one’s road to success in the IELTS.


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