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Steps on How to Reschedule a TOEFL Exam

It is not surprising that more and more Filipinos are taking the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language since it has been made a requirement for visa applications in English speaking countries. Many Filipinos are taking the TOEFL either for work or study applications in the United Kingdom or the United States of America. Since it is a requirement, getting the score is important and can cause stress to any candidate.


Reviewing for the TOEFL is advised to any candidate. Since it the content of the test is academic, there are some topics that might seem unfamiliar to the examinee that needs to be reviewed. There are a lot of TOEFL review centers in the country where one can take advantage of their very good programs. Most of the time, TOEFL review coaches encourage their students to prepare for at least two to three months before the examination. It will give them time to understand the flow of the exam and make better responses in both speaking and writing.

Registering for the test is easy as candidates can setup an account in the TOEFL homepage. Online registration is possible. However, there are instances whereby the candidate needs to reschedule the exam due to varied reasons. This could be illness, a death in the family, a conflict in schedule, or even the realization that the candidate is not ready to take the exam yet. For whatever reasons the candidate has, rescheduling of the exam is possible. Here is how:

Rescheduling can be done online or thru phone call.

Online rescheduling

1. Log in to your TOEFL account in
2. Go to View Order in your page.
3. Click “Modify” on rescheduling for the exam. Check for available test dates for your next target date.

Through phone call

1. Have your registration number ready.
2. Call this number 60-3-7628-3333 and have your exam rescheduled.

Most candidates would opt to do it online for it is much easier and convenient. Candidates should also know that there is a fee of $60 (about PhP 2700) in rescheduling the examination. Further, rescheduling of the examination is only possible three days before the scheduled exam. Candidates who fail to reschedule a day before the exam will not be allowed; hence, they should take the test because refunds will not be given.

TOEFL review centers can be of help to candidates rescheduling their test dates. Visit one nearest to you so that they can explain and process the rescheduling with your permission.

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