15 Days Practice For IELTS Listening

English is spoken to many parts of the world, and the Philippines is one of the countries which uses English as its second language. The exposure to the English language has started in schools as the medium for teaching is in English, reinforced further with books and other reading materials which are almost all printed in the English language. With this background, Filipinos do not have any difficulty in learning the English language.

However, there are instances where Filipinos have to demonstrate their expertise in the English language through taking an English proficiency examination such as the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. The IELTS is a trusted English proficiency examination making it one of the visa requirements of different English-speaking countries.

Listening is a very important skill in the IELTS. In general, you need to have a good listening skill to be able to interact with other people. You have to understand what a person is saying to have a logical and meaningful conversation. In the IELTS listening, candidates are presented with four different tasks which evaluate their skills. To add challenge to the test, the accents used in the listening passages are Australian and British accents. How can one practice for the IELTS listening test? Is it possible to review for it within 15 days?

An intensive practice for the IELTS listening for 15 days is possible. Here is what candidates must to within the fifteen day practice.

Week 1

Learn the basics about the IELTS listening. Start off by knowing the different types of questions in the listening test. Be familiar of the usual topics used and the techniques in answering the questions. Listen to sample materials. It will be a big help if you have materials on the different accents such as mentioned above. Familiarity with how particular words are pronounced on different accents is an advantage to any examinees. Gather as many materials as you can. Further, prepare a timetable or a schedule of exercises you will be doing. This will be a good marker of your progress within the week.

Week 2

As you have studied the basics and gathered enough materials, it is time to practice a lot. Answer practice tests. Check your score and review on the items that are incorrect. Play the audio again and assess what your strengths and weaknesses are. Every day, do at least two practice tests and compare your scores.

Self-studying for the IELTS is possible, but it is better to be in an intensive program in IELTS review centers. This program will allow students to develop their skills for the listening tests for two weeks and give students a lot of mock exams and coaching to prepare them for the test. Again, the best way to get a good score in the IELTS is knowledge about the test and practice.

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