15 Days Practice for IELTS Reading

It is important to any non-native English speaker to study English reading skills. As a practice, most of them read newspapers, magazines, journals, books, and even books on how to be good at the English language. Training on how to understand written English text is very necessary most especially if you are to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination – an English proficiency examination for non-native English speakers.


The reading section in the IELTS is considered difficult by many who have already taken the said examination. Remember that the reading content for the Academic and General Training modules – two modules of the IELTS exam – are different in terms of their content. In the Academic reading, the content is mostly taken from books, journals, magazines and newspapers. Passages are longer and much more complicated. On the other hand, the General Training sources are from authentic notices, advertisements, handbooks, books, magazines and newspapers.

Training on reading should be planned carefully and must be followed strictly. So the question is: can a candidate for the IELTS review for the reading test in just 15 days? It is possible! Here is a schedule one can try to develop skills for the IELTS reading test.

Day 1 to 5

• Read on what the IELTS test is all about. Gather enough information on the different types of questions used in the exam.
• Search online on different free websites that offer reading practices. Bookmark them or have them printed.
• Make a schedule of your reading practices. Have yourself do about 4 reading practices every day.

Day 6 to 10

• Have a dictionary with you and get familiar with different words.
• Practice context clues. This skill is helpful in determining a definition of a word without having to look it up in a dictionary.
• Skimming and scanning – two essential skills for the IELTS. Know what these are and put them into practice on some reading materials.
• Improve your vocabulary by reading the newspaper, news online or even blogs on the internet.

Day 11 to 15

• These will be the days for practice. Have at least four passages to do in a day. Check them and take notes of the mistake. Go back to the reading passage and find the correct answers.
• Do not let yourself get distracted. Choose a place where you can conveniently study.

Some people have tried this and gotten good results. This kind of practice is also done in some IELTS review centers. These centers have programs designed for people who want to study in just two weeks. This intensive style of studying is good at review centers since schedules are strictly followed and instructors are there to guide students on their learning in the IELTS reading test.

For more IELTS Tips www.ieltsexamstips.com.


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