Tips on How to Interact Correctly in the IELTS Speaking

Communication is vital to human development. Every day, people meet and interact. This interaction can be about business, education, or the typical day-to-day communication. Talking to someone is natural and everybody is doing it. However, the behaviour one has to show may differ in a formal or informal setting of the communication. If you are someone taking a speaking test, like the International English Language Testing System test, you have to know how to interact correctly to get a good score.


Being interviewed by a native English speaker is a real deal in the IELTS speaking test. Most candidates feel stressed on having to impress their interviewer with their English communication skills to get a good score for the test. However, candidates have to be reminded that they have to impress the interviewer with the content and the delivery of their responses, not with how good they are at pronouncing English words.
Here are some tips on how to interact correctly during the IELTS speaking test:

• Always have a smile on your face. Smiling indicates that you are confident with yourself. Further, it shows that you are friendly and ready to take the interview.

• Listen carefully to the questions asked. Interviewee should be all ears to the interviewer. When the focus is on the interviewer, there is a great chance of understanding the questions completely without having the interviewer repeat the question.

• Answer the question directly. It is okay to give a background story with some responses; however, be sure that the response is still about the topic. Some candidates go off the topic and as a result, they get a low score.

• Look at the interviewer when speaking. Avoid looking up or down while speaking. Face the interviewer. Look at him or her straight to the eyes or on the forehead. Do not get intimidated with their presence.
• Breathe. Some candidates are so nervous during the exam. Breathe in and breathe out. This will help you relax and feel better on the exam.

• Wear something comfortable during the interview. If you are someone who gets easily cold, do not hesitate to bring a jacket, a coat, or a blazer jacket.

• Practice. There are lots of practice questions online. However, being in IELTS review centers is better since they have speaking coaches who guide candidates on their responses. These centers provide mock exams to assess students on their weaknesses and make them look comfortable and more confident for the speaking test.

Interacting appropriately on the IELTS test not only means behaving well during the interview, but also giving the right responses to the questions asked by the IELTS examiner. Practice helps a lot most especially with IELTS speaking coaches.

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