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Proper Posture during the IELTS Speaking

Do you practice proper posture when sitting down?

There are lots of cases where people have backaches since they do not sit properly. Almost everyone has the tendency to slouch when sitting down. They think that this is relaxing; however, later they find out that they are experiencing pain on their back. This is all because of the lack of proper posture in sitting. Even in class, teachers always ask their pupils or students to sit properly in class. This is done for students to be comfortable all throughout the class. The importance of proper posture extends even in the speaking test of the International English Language Testing System exam.

The speaking test of the IELTS is a one-on-one interview with a native English speaker or someone who is trained to conduct speaking exams in the IELTS. Anxiety and stress, these are the two things that candidates feel on the day of the exam. To avoid failing to answer any of the questions, candidates are always advised to take speaking classes in IELTS review centers to develop their responses. Moreover, this will also help them become more confident in their responses as well as using the English language. One more thing that is important in the IELTS speaking test is the practice of proper posture.


When you are asked to sit on the chair, sit comfortably. Rest your back on the chair. Sit straight and do not slouch. Slouching is a sign that you are uninterested in what is happening. It shows that you are not ready for the interview and are in a lot of stress. If you are not comfortable resting your back on the chair, you have to sit at least straight and relax your shoulders. Make sure your feet are on the floor. Avoid swinging your feet under the chair. Put your hands on your lap. Further, most importantly, make an eye contact with your interviewer. This will show that you are sure with your answers. The confidence you have in your speaking test reflects on the stable eye contact you have with the examiner.

Building a proper posture and eye contact take time of practice. Hence, in speaking mock exams in IELTS review centers, speaking coaches make sure that they teach their students on how to make themselves comfortable in the speaking test. Aside from the feedback from the responses made, speaking mentors will also take note of your behaviour while speaking.

Practicing proper posture makes you comfortable in speaking and makes you less tense. Start practicing it while studying as it becomes your habit in your day –to-day life.

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