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Words to Avoid in IELTS Writing Task 1 Academic

Vocabulary plays an important role in communication. When we speak with other people, we carefully choose our words to make sure that we are understood well. The importance of choosing the right words in communication is not limited in speaking. It is also vital in creating essays.


In an English proficiency examination like the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination, having a good command in the vocabulary makes the writing task much easier – specifically on the first writing task of the Academic module. What do IELTS test candidates need to expect in the first writing task?

Candidates will have to write composition interpreting a graph or a diagram. The graph can be any of the following: line graph, bar graph, or pie chart. Further, process diagrams are also commonly used in the first task. The examiner has to come up with an essay describing the major highlights in the graph or diagram. To be able to this, he or she has to use the right vocabulary to explain changes, process, and even ups and downs on the graph or diagram. Some are really good at expressing their ideas, while some candidates fail to fully write a good one since they use some words or phrases which are not suitable for the essay. What are some words to avoid it the first task of the academic writing?

Here are a few words that candidates should avoid in this writing task.

• Personally – this makes your writing personal, wherein fact your writing should be based on the facts on the graph.

Personally, the graph shows the increase in the population in St. Louis.

• According to the – this makes the content of the writing comes from another person not yours; instead, use The graph/diagram (shows/tells/is)

According to the graph, the respondents are about 120.

• In conclusion – avoid this as you are not making a conclusion. You are interpreting a fact based on a given data.

In conclusion, the graph is about the decrease in production of textile in Maryland.

• Don’t/Can’t/Isn’t – contractions should never be used in this writing. These words should be spelled out.

The graph don’t represent any of the items on balls.

• But/And – Do not start sentences with these. Use HOWEVER and IN ADDITION/FURTHER instead respectively.

The rise of number went up until 1996. But, it suddenly went down in 1997.

Build a strong bank of vocabulary for the IELTS writing to better interpret the data. Practice every day. Learning the skill in writing is not done overnight, so practice as often as you can.

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