Why Do We Need to Take the IELTS?

Attaining success in life is not an overnight act. We cannot be successful unless we strive hard for it and put a lot of effort in reaching our goals. As humans, we thirst for success. We want the feeling of satisfaction – of being able to reach our goals and contentment in our lives. For us to get to this, we have to be determined in becoming successful in our chosen career, in our professions. We look for jobs that will help us financially and be on top of the career ladder. For most Filipinos, choosing to work overseas in an English speaking country is an option.


There are a number of requirements foreign companies ask from their applicants. One of which is taking an English proficiency examination like the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. The IELTS test is known to many Filipinos to be a major requirement in visa applications. Aside from this fact, why do non-native English speakers or any individual take the IELTS test?

Here are a few good reasons why people should take the IELTS examination.

  • The IELTS is an authorized English proficiency exam that accurately evaluates one’s English language skills.
    Companies and different institutions overseas trust the IELTS because it is a reliable and accurate source in gauging a person’s English skill. The content of the exam and the manner of its delivery are strong points that clearly test the individual’s capacity in using the English language.
  • Gain recognition for work, study and immigration
    Together with British Council, IDP:IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment, the IELTS have become a passport for different nationalities to the English-speaking world. Its certification is recognizes by over 9000 organizations in the world making it possible to use the IELTS almost everywhere.
  • Wide range of test centers all over the world
    Wherever you are, IELTS is there for you. Candidates from the different continents of the world will not have a hard time looking for a test date and location since it is available in more than 130 countries in over 900 locations.
  • IELTS knows your needs
    There are some candidates who have special needs in taking the exam. With the IELTS test, it is possible to arrange an examinee’s needs such as those who are visually or hearing impaired. Further, candidates are asked to contact the test center as early as three months before the scheduled date of exam for the said arrangements.
  • Modules to match your requirements
    The existence of the two modules in the IELTS – Academic and General Training – helps examinees choose depending on their needs.
  • A trustworthy result
    The IELTS is scored with 0 as the lowest and 9.0 as the highest. Most academic institutions overseas require a score of 6.0 and higher depending on the program the examinee is applying for. The scoring system in the IELTS is consistent; hence, everyone who is familiar with the IELTS in the world can easily understand its scoring system.

The IELTS is a good test to measure one’s ability in the English language. It will always be reliable and accurate to maintain the trust it has earned from different companies and institutions. Further, it will always be fair to all examinees in the whole world.

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