IELTS Online Review Class: Would it help me achieve my target score?

It has been three years since I last took my IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination. Unfortunately, I was not able to use it for any visa application because my parents wanted me to gain more work experience here in the Philippines. I also thought that I was too young to live independently in Australia, the country I am planning to work for. Recently, a friend of mine has started working in Australia, and I can see her happy with the work she is doing. I told my parents about my plan, and they have finally agreed with it.

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What to Wear During the IELTS Speaking Exam?

How we look tells a lot about our personality. It is for a fact that people often judge others on the way they dress up. For example, in going to a job interview, people will always find nice clothes to create a good impression from their interviewers. It is important to look and feel good. Coming to an interview neatly dressed does not only apply on job interviews but also in the speaking exam of the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination.

The IELTS has a speaking test usually conducted by a native English speaker or someone who is trained to hold speaking mock exams. It is a one-on-one interview that usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes. Since the setup is a face-to-face interview, many IELTS speaking test candidates feel anxious during the examination. To boost their confidence for the speaking test, the candidates undergo training from IELTS review centers. Another thing that can increase their self-confidence is by dressing up nicely for the interview. What should candidates wear on the speaking test?

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