What to Wear During the IELTS Speaking Exam?

How we look tells a lot about our personality. It is for a fact that people often judge others on the way they dress up. For example, in going to a job interview, people will always find nice clothes to create a good impression from their interviewers. It is important to look and feel good. Coming to an interview neatly dressed does not only apply on job interviews but also in the speaking exam of the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination.

The IELTS has a speaking test usually conducted by a native English speaker or someone who is trained to hold speaking mock exams. It is a one-on-one interview that usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes. Since the setup is a face-to-face interview, many IELTS speaking test candidates feel anxious during the examination. To boost their confidence for the speaking test, the candidates undergo training from IELTS review centers. Another thing that can increase their self-confidence is by dressing up nicely for the interview. What should candidates wear on the speaking test?

Good grooming is very important in the speaking test. One has to look good and vey presentable in front of their examiners. Here are some things women and men women during the interview.



It is very easy to find good clothes for women. For their top, they can wear a nice blouse. They can accentuate this blouse by wearing a cardigan. Ladies should be reminded not to wear blouses that are somewhat revealing – revealing in a sense that the blouse has very low v-neck line or even a backless type. Some women opt to wear dresses; however, make sure that it is not too short. It is also a good choice to wear a suit for the test. This may look too formal but it is still suitable for the event. Avoid wearing jeans on the examination. Further, sneakers are to be avoided. Nice flats or formal shoes are preferred for your look.



Shirts are best worn for interview – any color will do as long as it is nicely pressed. A pair of khakis is a god pair for this shirt. Avoid using t-shirts during the exam. This is too casual and not suitable for the interview. Boat shoes or leather shoes are perfect for the look. Some may even wear sneakers or rubber shoes. They are acceptable; however, it is still best to look formal for the speaking test.

For both ladies and gentlemen

• Have your hair fixed. Long hair for women can either be tied or not as long as it is not distracting in the course of the interview. Men’s hair should be groomed well. Most use hair products to keep it neat and nice.

• Put on some makeup for the ladies. Do not look too pale on the interview. Men can use some lip balms to have their lips moisturized.

• Cut your nails days before the interview. Polished nails look good as well.

• Brush your teeth, use a mouthwash or even a breath freshener for the interview.

The IELTS test is not strict with how you look during the speaking test. However, it is still recommended to be at your best appearance once you start the interview for your speaking test.

For more IELTS Tips you can refer to this link


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