Things I learned from my first IELTS Online Review experience?

11060900_10204908684171021_5232712857436549901_n At first, taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination would be a nightmare. It turned out well after weeks of training and practice with my online teacher from an online IELTS review center.

As a nurse, everyone around me expected that I would be working overseas. I did not know why but every time they knew that I was working for a local hospital here in the Philippines, they would always tell me to find better opportunities overseas. Personally, I did not have any problems working overseas. I just felt that I was not ready for that yet. Then, an opportunity came. Australia needed nurses, so my friend and I tried our luck to apply. One requirement was to have the IELTS test. There were some review centers in the area and asked for information. Both my friend and I were in a dilemma thinking how we could attend classes to our busy work schedule until we found one review center offering an online IELTS review. My friend was a little hesitant since it was just online and there was not much interaction, physically, in the class. I told her for us to give it a try.

After a few weeks, I took the exam and got an overall band score of 8.0 in the IELTS test. I was totally amused by my score since I took the online reviews for only six weeks. Now, I am set to fly to Australia in two weeks and start working there as a professional nurse. Seriously, I could not have successfully nailed my exam without the help of the IELTS online review class. Want to know how I helped me? Here are things that I learned from the online IELTS review.

• Reading should not be something I had to be burdened with. My instructor taught me skimming and scanning throughout the review. I was in doubt at first if it worked, and well, it really did. I got to answer more questions without even reading the whole passages.

• My instructor bombarded me with vocabulary activities. It is important for one to have good vocabulary. It is not only an advantage for reading but also to all sections of the test. It made my vocabulary bank better for the test.

• Though time is very limited in the test, one should not panic. As a test taker, you have to be aware of the time, but at the same time, careful in answering the questions. Some questions might be overlooked or misunderstood if you get stressed with the time.

• Accents practice is important. My instructor let me listen to different words pronounced in different English accents. It helped a lot in distinguishing one word from another during conversations.

• Grammar was always emphasized in class. I was taught the basics in grammar. It was more of a refresher to make me become more conscious on my verb tense usage and sentence construction.

• Pronunciation, intonation and stress exercises are life savers. I was always given exercise on how to speak properly. The exercises made me speak English clearer than before.

• My instructor has also taught me how to be in my best posture during the test. It helps not to feel tired during the test which really worked out fine for me.

• The instructors are always ready to give their feedback on speaking responses or essays. The comments served as my guide not to commit the same mistake again for the next essay and for the real test itself.

• Mock exams are given and supervised online efficiently. I was surprised on how convenient everything was online.

• Practice using the English language in every opportunity that comes. This will develop not only your skills but also the confidence in using English.

Indeed, I have a lot of lessons learned in the online IELTS review. Both of us are excited to be in Australia to work and explore the country. Should I recommend the online IELTS program? Well, DEFINITELY!


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