My IELTS Speaking Experience: Practice Makes Perfect

woman-public-speaking It has been a year now since I took my International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination. I am a nurse and I have always dreamed of working in Australia. For me to be qualified, I had to take the IELTS. When I was told that this was an English proficiency examination, I felt confident since I know how to speak in English; however, there was a feeling of anxiety since English was seldom used in my workplace.

I checked online and found a review center. I decided to enrol in one since I had some time to spare and, my friends insisted. On the first few weeks, I was able to understand the flow of the speaking test. It was a shock for me to know that a native English speaker conducts the interview. The anxiety started to get heavier and it was weakening me inside. As days went by, we were taught different vocabulary, word expressions and even behaviour displayed during the speaking test.

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