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Proper Way in Answering the TOEFL Speaking Test

toefl review coachesGood English speakers are very articulate in speaking. Some English speakers are very mesmerizing that you are left in awe by just looking and hearing them speak. Good English speakers are very persuasive and confident. They make every person in the crowd amazed and overwhelmed with their speaking skills. Non-native English speakers such as Filipinos are also possible to be very good English speakers. As a matter of fact, Filipinos are considered one of the nationalities who can speak English very well.

Speaking English well is a good advantage not only in becoming successful overseas but also in taking an English proficiency examination. English proficiency tests such as the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language utilizes a speaking exam to gauge one’s skill in using the English language. For Filipinos who are applying for work or student visas in English speaking countries, taking the TOEFL is sure to be a requirement.

The TOEFL Speaking test is an internet-based examination. Examinees need not worry about sitting for a one-on-one interview with a native English speaker. Questions are already preloaded online and responses are to be recorded and saved to be evaluated after the test is done. The anxiety is less; however, a lot are still feeling nervous in taking this section of the TOEFL test.

There are six different tasks in the TOEFL test. The first two questions are independent questions while the remaining four are integrated tasks. What makes the TOEFL test challenging is the amount of time preparation given to the candidates. Examinees are only given 15 seconds preparation in the independent questions and 20 to 30 seconds for the integrated tasks. Using time effectively and wisely is practiced in the speaking section.

Most examinees have a target score to reach in the TOEFL test. Some are lucky enough to get their scores but some have to retake for them to lodge their applications. For those who are getting ready to take the TOEFL and those who are re-taking the test, here are some tips on how to give responses appropriately in the TOEFL speaking test.

• In the independent tasks, be straight to the point. Give to reasons and explain by giving examples. Examples can be a personal experience or something that you have just made up. Just be sure with the consistency of the ideas.

• For tasks one and two, it is okay not to have a conclusion in your response. The important thing is the content on the reasons that you have provided.

• In the integrated tasks, do not include your own opinion on the topic given. Do not add any additional information that is not found on both the reading passage and audio recording.

• Paraphrase your ideas. Your response should show how you understood the reading and the lecture. Avoid echoing what happened in the lecture.

• In general, avoid rephrasing the question. Start immediately with your point to save time.

• Choose words that are easy. Do not think of highfalutin words that can just confuse the content of your response.

• Having an accent is okay but not important. The important thing here is the clarity and fluency you have in your response.

• Listen carefully to the question. Do not go off topic and as much as possible, improve your note taking skills.

• Multi task when listening. As you listen, create an outline of your response as well. Listen to points and details and organize them right away.

Success in the speaking test lies on the amount of practice one has. Find someone who can evaluate you or be in TOEFL speaking classes where TOEFL instructors give comments and feedback on how you can improve your skill. Further, keep practicing English to boost your skill and confidence in using the language.

For more TOEFL Tips you can refer to this link:


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